Working Cows + Shots & Vaccines

Our closest friends Paul and Candace own Mackling Farms right around the corner from us. They have a herd of about 55+ cows they are raising for meat and breeding. With this size herd when it came time for vaccinations an extra set of hands sure came in handy.

Although we (especially I!!) are still learning about raising cattle, Neil has experience from working with his Grandpa Phil in Texarkana and the herd his dad has on our family farm. He’s not afraid of anything either, so that helps when you have a thousand pound cow heading your direction in a small chute! I’m still learning as I go but I’m getting the basics down thanks to Candace.

Walker is a wonderful cattle hand and behaved wonderful during the long day and even rain! He might have even found himself a new home!

And Colt, goodness that kid was born to farm. He did a wonderful job of helping Candace and staying focused when Paul needed him to. He was a big help and made this mama very proud.

The photos I took were on the fly and nothing fancy but it documents our day and maybe even a glimpse into the “fun” side of working next to friends to accomplish a big task.

Candace might have a few “pets” on her hands! This is the nosy bull and I believe the black and white Holstein is named Sister.

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